December 19, 2013

Clubs and Soceites

Clubs and Societies –

Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club commenced on Monday 3rd of March on a trial basis. It offers a simple breakfast of tea/coffee/milk and toast to all students for 50 cent. It’s not to be seen as a replacement for whatever breakfast students may be provided at home but aims to provide a service to those that miss breakfast for whatever reason. It will operate from 8.00 a.m. to 8.40 a.m. each morning.
Thank you to Phyllis Dempsey who has agreed to run the Breakfast Club and the teachers and students who are volunteering to help in the running of it.

Chess Club

The Chess Club meets in the ASD unit weekly. It is a wonderful opportunity for all students in the school to integrate in a social setting as well as to experience Chess. Chess teams represent the school each year in a variety of competitions and they are available to students of all age-groups and a variety of abilities. 

Film Club

The Film Club meets in the ASD unit weekly. It is open to students based in the unit but also to other students in the school providing an opportunity for integration in a social setting. Films are projected onto the wall in the canteen area creating an excellent visual and audio experience.


Though the school has been very successful in the past in debating winning various debating competitions, currently the focus is on debating purely as a pastime. Those interested meet in the library which is open at lunchtime and is available to all.

CBS Library

Lunch Time in The Library


Opening Hours: 1.20PM-1.55PM Tuesday and Friday

Debating in the Library

Librarian: N/A

Assistant Librarian: Mr O’Sullivan

Student Librarians: Gerard O’Dwyer


Daniel Fraughan

Dylan Kennedy

The library is available for teachers to use during classes where group work, round table discussions or research is part of the lesson. A booking time sheet has been placed in The Staff Room.

The library is closed during the Mock Examinations as it is being used as an exam centre. The library will be closed during the Oral examinations as it is used as an exam centre.

The library received a significant number of new books from the school in September. These titles have been processed and a

re now available for loan.

The library received a significant number of donated new or nearly new books from interested student families in September. These titles have been processed and are now available for loan. The library is grateful and would like to encourage further donations from interested students and their families into the future.

At present, the computers are not available for student use during opening hours. These computers are for research and should not be used for casual internet activities. The computers are available when lessons are held in the library.

The most recent visit to the library by an author was Tony Summers. Tony spoke to Transition Year students about his life as an author and writing as a career.



Tony Summers

Pulitzer prize nominated author Anthony Summers has covered the pivotal stories of the past hundred years, and in many cases forced a rethink.

He has reported on the conflict in the Middle East; the Vietnam War; the Kennedy and Martin Luther King assassinations; Watergate; the rise and fall of the American Mafia; the Hiss and Profumo espionage cases.

He has explored the lives and deaths of the powerful and the famous: from Tsar Nicholas II to Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, J. Edgar Hoover and Richard Nixon.

In 2011, his book The Eleventh Day brought the sharpest focus yet to a full account of 9/11, the events that led up to it, and the troubling questions that remain.




The library is used for lunch-time debates on Thursdays from 1.20PM-1.55PM. These debates follow the style and structure of The Munster Schools Debates.