January 6, 2014

School Tours


Tour to Munich

The Second Year and Fifth Year School Tour to Munich will take place from Tuesday 15th April to Friday 18th. Apart from visiting Munich, students will also visit Salzburg in Austria where the Sound Of Music was filmed. Thanks to Mr. Jerry Shannahan and Ms. Jean Lonergan for organising and leading the tour.

Soccer Trip

The Soccer Trip to England takes place from Saturday April 12th to Monday 13th. Thanks to Mr. Paul O’Mahony for organising the trip.


The Camino de Santiago

Ms. Annette Hickey and Mr. Tom Morrissey are finalising details for the Tour/ Pilgrimage which will take place over five days (May 16th to 20th) on the route of the Camino de Santiago. 32 Fifth Years have signed up to go.


Classical Studies Tour

Ms. Regina Tobin and Mr. Colm O’Loughlin are currently planning a Classical Studies tour to Rome and Pompeii which is expected to take place over next year’s October Mid-term break. It will be offered to next year’s Second and Third Years.