December 12, 2013


The Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme- ‘An enhanced Leaving Cert’

Since 2004 the Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme has been up and running in the High School. Over this period of time both teachers and students have embraced the challenges and change of teaching/learning styles involved in the successful implementation of this programme. 

Students studying L.C.V.P. in the High School:

  • Meet and interview enterprising people in business and in the community. (Guest speakers/Enterprise workshops) for example Keith Mathews who owns The Crescent shop and John and Liz Nallen who own Hotel Minella
  • Plan and undertake activities with their class to develop self confidence, creativity and initiative e.g. some activities taken by classes were; Fundraising for the Hope Foundation, Safe Pass Course/Certificate Driver Theory and Safety course, Work Safety course, and visits out to the Cork and Limerick Careers Exhibitions/ Waterford Crystal/Waterford and Wexford Education and Training Board/ Hotel Minella and other local enterprises.
  • Develop their job seeking skills, such as letter writing, C.V. presentation and interview preparation and workshop. 
  • Research and investigate local employment opportunities.
  • Gain valuable practical experience of the world of work through one week of work experience in 5th year.
  • Investigate a variety of careers closely associated with their career aspirations. (Career Open Days/Guest Speakers)
  • Interview and work shadow a person in a career area that interests them.
  • Gain experience at using computers and audiovisual equipment.
  • All in all making L.C.V.P. an ‘enhanced Leaving Certificate experience for students’

Fifth Year L.C.V.P. students

Fifth Year L.C.V.P. students complete several components of the programme. Under the guidance of Mr. Guilfoyle and Ms. Corcoran the group expands their understanding of what they might expect to find in  different environments, and the effect that issues such as legislation and Health and Safety (Work Safety programme) have on work places. Students carry out a skills audit to see where their strengths lie so that they can make a more informed decision about their future career. Students also investigate thoroughly their chosen careers and engage in a period of work experience.

Ms. Dwane teaches the module entitled ‘Enterprise Education’. In this module students gain experience of enterprise by interviewing entrepreneurs, participating in enterprise workshops and visiting companies like Waterford Crystal. The group begins with the development of their enterprise project which consists of selling chocolate bars for The Hope Foundation. It has been tremendous to see how well students have applied themselves and have shown great initiative in this process. With the C.V., Career Investigation, Diary of work experience and Summary Report completed at the end of the year students are well on their way to completing the greatest part of their course; The Portfolio. This is worth 60% of their overall mark.

Sixth Year L.C.V.P. students

Sixth years complete their Portfolio of Coursework and sit their exam in May of each year. This means that L.C.V.P. students have one subject less to worry about when completing the other exams in June. The students work hard throughout the two years of the programme and it is particularly heartening to see how the students enjoy their work and gain self confidence and entrepreneurial skills. Skills learned through L.C.V.P. such as planning, researching, writing reports and making presentations are a key to success at third level. The students leave school well-educated good communicators, multi skilled and able to work in a team. We look forward to welcoming the new fifth years every September and if anyone has any queries about the programme, please contact Ms. Olivia Corcoran or Ms. Carol Dwane at the school. 

Programme requirements

Requirements for the Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme, which is of two years’ duration, are as follows:

  • LCVP students must take a minimum of five Leaving Certificate Subjects (at Higher, Ordinary or Foundation Level) including Irish.
  • Two of the above must be selected from one of the designated Vocational Subject Groupings.
  • They must study the two Link Modules, namely Preparation for the World of Work and Enterprise Education.
  • Students are required to follow a recognised course in a Modern European Language (other than Irish or English).


LCVP students receive the same certificate as students of the Leaving Certificate. An additional statement of the grade received for the Link Modules is appended to the certificate.

Grades for the Link Modules are awarded as follows:

Distinction (80% or over)          66 Points

Merit (< 80% and > 59%)           46 Points

Pass (< 60% and > 49%)             28 Points

Key Skills

In a changing world, as well as learning knowledge, students need to develop skills to create new knowledge and to deal with and navigate their way through this new world. There are five skills identified as central to teaching and learning across the curriculum at senior cycle.  These skills are important for all learners to achieve their full potential, both during their time in school and into the future.

  • Critical and creative thinking
  • Information processing
  • Communications
  • Working with others
  • Being personally effective

As learners develop competence in each of the five skills in an integrated way they also develop competence in learning how to learn.  In order that learners benefit from their interaction with the key skills, it is important that they would encounter them frequently and in an integrated way right across the curriculum.

Please click on the link for more information: LCVP

L.C.V.P. trip to the Minella Hotel – Oct 2020

L.C.V.P trip to Waterford Crystal