December 12, 2013


Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme
The LCVP was introduced into the High School in Sept 2004. This programme is the same as the established Leaving Certificate but with the addition of two extra modules to link the Leaving Certificate to the world of work and enterprise. It is currently available to students who select particular combinations of Leaving Certificate subjects. The Link Modules consist of Preparation for The World of World of Work and Enterprise Education. The aim is to encourage students to see the relevance of their subjects to the greater world of business and enterprise and to provide an opportunity to develop skills and talents that will be useful in the workplace. It focuses on developing talents and skills like communications, adaptability, problem solving, confidence and familiarity with technology.

As with the established Leaving Certificate one can follow on with an apprenticeship, direct employment, training, Further Education and Third Level Studies. LCVP students have the same opportunity to proceed to universities and colleges as the student of the established Leaving Certificate. Students who successfully complete the Link Modules gain points, which can be used for the purpose of entry into Third Level Colleges.
L.C.V.P. High School Clothing Company
As part of our course work we, the L.C.V.P. class, set up a mini-company which we call: ‘The High School Clothing Co.’. The aim of the company is to provide quality High School clothing to meet the needs of students and parents. The company surveyed students to find out what these needs were. One of the issues that arose was the difficulty that students and parents have when it comes to finding a jacket that is acceptable to parents and students while complying with the school rules.

We investigated different jackets that are available from different sources. With consideration of such factors as cost, quality, style and suitability we identified two jackets as being acceptable in all categories. We then showed the jackets to five students from each year group. These students were asked to vote on their favourite jacket. The clear winner was a jacket provided by The Outdoor Clothing Co.

The High School logo will appear on the fleece side of the collar. This was the preferred option of the majority of students.

The jacket will be sold to students for €60 and will be available in the school only. This represents good value for a jacket whose retail price would probably exceed €70.

The jacket is being made an official part of the school uniform, as agreed by the Board of Management and the Parents’ Council. This will be phased in over the next three years and from September 2005 will be compulsory for First and Fifth years. The jacket will also be available to any other students who wish to purchase it.
L.C.V.P. – One Year on!
It is hard to believe that our first year of the programme is already drawing to a close. It has been a great year for exploring new territory. Since the Christmas edition of the newsletter the two most prominent undertakings have been the setting up of the mini-company, ‘The High School Clothing Co. ‘, and the students’ work experience module. Both have been enriching experiences for the students involved. It has been heartening to see how well the students have applied themselves and have shown great initiative in the process. One of the great strengths of the programme is the way it encourages the students to plan and reflect upon their activities. With the Career Investigation, Diary of Work Experience, Enterprise Plan completed in this term alone, the students are well on their way to completing the greatest part of their course: the portfolio.

Tribute has to be paid to the class who have worked hard throughout the year. It is particularly heartening to see how the students are enjoying this work and gaining self-confidence, entrepreneurial skills and a thorough knowledge of the practicalities the workplace.

We look forward to welcoming the new fifth years in September and would like to thank the parents of our current students for their kind words of support.