January 7, 2014

Career Guidance

Career Guidance in the High School

Information on the Careers Service for 6th Years

Parents play a central role in assisting their children with career decisions.

We would like to take this opportunity to inform you about aspects of the

careers service for 6th years in the High School.


Careers Library & Noticeboard

A library facility specifically for careers information is available to senior students. Please encourage your sons to use the Careers Library

The library is open twice a week- for 30 mins at lunchtime, and at other times by appointment. Times and Days on Careers Office door

Information is available on a very wide range of careers through a classified system of files, as well as College Prospectuses for Ireland and the UK.

There are three computers available in the library with internet access to facilitate career research.

The noticeboard outside the careers office will have a wealth of relevant information and needs to be checked regularly.


Appointments with the Guidance Counsellor

Each 6th year student is invited to make an appointment with

the Guidance Counsellor(s) to discuss his career choices/plan.

Further appointments can be arranged by request with the Guidance Counsellors.

We are also available to meet parents by appointment.

Careers Research

It is the responsibility of the student to do the recommended research.

As an aid to this research there are a number of excellent websites, particularly www.qualifax.ie ( database of all Irish courses), and also careersportal.ie

He should also refer to his aptitude test (Cambridge Profile) completed in 3rd yr. where each student was issued with a booklet of results and career implications.

In 5th year,each student completed an interest test, namely Pathfinder, which identified possible jobs and courses which suited their interests. They can access the results and a vast array of detail on-line at www.pathfinderlive.com, using their username and password.

Open Days/Exhibitions

Open Days are opportunities to visit a College, research specific courses and speak to College staff and students. They are useful days only if the students do some research before their visit, .ie. check college prospectus or website.

Open Days will be advertised on the Careers Noticeboard. The school will arrange transport to some relevant Open Days/ Career exhibitions.. Most are now held on Saturdays and this is an opportunity to attend with your son. We will provide all relevant information regarding the schedules at these Saturday Open Days.

Other events such as career exhibitions and seminars are notified to students as they occur.

Speakers from the colleges are invited to the school and this may be an opportunity to hear about and explore their courses

Applications to Higher Education

There are a vast range of options available to your son in progressing to further and Higher Education, from Post Leaving Certificate Courses to University degrees.


February 1st is the closing date for applications to the CAO.

An Information Night for Parents will be held in January.

Applications to UK Colleges can be submitted until – January 15th 2014

Earlier applications are required for Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science and for application to Oxford and Cambridge ie October 15th 2013

An early appointment with one of the guidance counsellors is essential.for any student thinking of applying to the UK.

I hope the above information is of some assistance to you in discussing career decisions with your son.


Carmel Maunsell Dolores Powell

Please Find CBS Guidance and Counselling Policy Here