May 23, 2013

Counselling Guidance

It is the policy of the school to support any student who seeks help for academic, social or personal reasons.  All members of Staff are involved in counselling students to varying degrees through their daily professional interaction with them.

Students can avail of one to one counselling with the Guidance Counsellor to help them to explore their own thoughts and feelings about their present life situation, about choices open to them and the consequences of each choice.

Where specialist expertise is required, the counsellor will advise and facilitate the student to acquire this help.


To encourage awareness of counselling/personal guidance needs in the school and to facilitate members of staff who are interested in being trained in the area.
To seek to develop a group counselling structure for specific issues particularly where relevant programmes have been developed.
To establish greater links with relevant outside agencies.
To establish structures for effectively identifying and supporting students at risk.