May 23, 2013

Student Counselling Service

Are you feeling stuck in some part of your life?

Do you feel like no one “gets it” or that no one would understand?

Is your “head wrecked”?

Do you feel down, lonely or isolated? Is it hard for you to feel joy or positivity?

Is there a problem, a challenge or a difficulty that you are finding difficult to manage?

Counselling may help you to move forward and to feel better. It gives you a confidential space to explore what is going on for you with someone who is outside of your life and trained to try and see things from your perspective, and work with you towards broadening your perspective and, if necessary, finding alternative pathways or solutions.

Making an Appointment

Students can make an appointment with one of the schools counsellors in many different ways:

You are welcome to knock on the Careers Office Door and request  an appointment 

You can email either of the counsellors and request an appointment at or

A parent (who is concerned about their son) can ring the school  and request  to speak to the counsellor on their son’s behalf. Sometimes the teachers/ management may be concerned about a student and ask one of the counsellors to check in on the student.

Attending Appointments

At the first appointment the student hears how counselling works and what confidentiality means. If you don’t know whether counselling can help you, our advice is that you come for one appointment to explore where you feel stuck and we will work out together if counselling can be a support.

The counsellor will tell the teacher when a student has an appointment, so the teacher won’t be looking for them. 

If a student wishes to avail of a number of appointments the times are swapped from week to week so that the student is not missing the same exam subject all the time.

Immediate Support

For a directory of suppportservics available to adolescents go to

For people experiencing depression and anxiety: AWARE SUPPORT LINE –  – 1800804848

People affected by eating disorders: BODYWHYS – – 1890200444

CHILDLINE: 1800666666

For people affected by mental ill health: SHINE – – 051853528

TEENLINE: 1800833634