May 23, 2013

Past Pupils

Past Pupils

We are very proud of our past pupils, many of which feature in the hundreds of photographs displayed on the walls of our corridors. There you will see sporting teams, year groups, casts from school shows and a variety of different snapshots of those that have passed through the school but have undoubtedly left their mark. Famous past pupils include Frank Paterson, Declan Browne, Vincent Hanley and Con Sheehan.


We are indebted to those past pupils that continue to be involved in the school in a variety of different ways including helping our Careers Night, supporting our Student Awards Events, fundraising and coaching.

We welcome increased involvement from all our past pupils and we encourage you to support our annual school musical each October, our sporting teams and our fundraising initiates. You are always welcome to call in to visit and have a look around.




We hope to establish a past pupils’ forum in the coming months here on this website where past pupils can make contact and hopefully organise informal or indeed formal past pupil events.  

There has been regular contact with Past Pupils in Dublin since 1992 and they have also sponsored the Student of the Year Award since 1993. This award is not based on academic ability and the following factors are considered when nominating students:


i) Contribution to the life of the school/town.
ii) Relationship with staff and fellow students.
iii) Attitude and behaviour.
iv) Work rate.





The School Authorities would like to develop a full Past Pupils’ Union, believing that this would have many benefits for the school. These would include:

i ) Becoming Patrons/Fellows of Ardscoil na mBráithre.

ii ) Helping to develop facilities within the school. Target areas at present would include:

( a ) Computer Rooms (sponsorship of stations).

( b ) School Library (funding/books).

iii ) Providing students from Ardscoil na mBráithre with access to various Personnel Departments and making businesses aware of the high calibre of our students.

iv ) Providing evidence within the school and community that there is an active Past Pupils Union. This could take the form of a scholarship or sponsorship of an event within the school.

v ) Organising social events which would allow Past Pupils to meet on a regular basis.