April 26, 2013

Prospective Students

Prospective Students

Prospective First Years

Students whose parents wish them to enrol in First Year of the succeeding academic year should be guided by the schools’ Enrolment /Admissions Policy which is available on this site. Application forms are available from the schools office.

The Principal generally visits all of the feeder Primary Schools in the catchment area in preceding autumn inviting them to the Open Night which takes place in the High School in November. On that night they get to tour the school, to see the facilities for themselves and to hear about the subjects on offer. They also are given an application form and are told of the closing date for applications which is usually on the last week before the school closes for Christmas.

In January prospective students are informed whether they have been successful in acquiring a place as set out by the schools’ Enrolment /Admissions Policy. They attend an Admissions Examination in spring in which they complete a test that helps the school to identify particular educational needs that the student may have.

These prospective students also make their subject choices in spring and are supplied book-lists and information regarding school uniform, lockers, insurance etc.

They attend an induction day at the start of the school year when they are shown around by senior students (Peer Ministers), meet the Principal, Deputy Principal, Year Head and their Teachers. All questions concerning their timetable and their daily routine are answered again on that day.


Other Prospective Students

Other students whose parents wish them to enrol in the High School either at the start of the school year or during it need to meet with the Principal and the Deputy Principal. Each prospective enrolment will be taken on a case-by-case basis. It will depend upon space available in the given year group and the availability of subjects for the potential student. The students’ former school(s) will be contacted for a reference and his parents should supply copies of his previous school reports and any other relevant documentation requested at the meeting.


All prospective students and their parents need to familiarize themselves with the school’s Code of Behavior and by enrolling agree to accept them.